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I love Jennifer Lawrence and Crystal Reed and I mainly post about films and tv shows that have ruined my life

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when u like the boy but ur friend is prettier so he likes her


The best thing was that I got to be myself a lot on set. I guess just the way that I laugh, the way that I fooled around with Sam and made him laugh were very me. The goofy factor really, so all that kind of stuff

you’re strong, a storm-braver if I ever saw one

GET TO KNOW ME MEME → [1/10] current celebrity crushes: Dylan O’Brien

Oh my god… that was really v i o l e n t..

I do love Paris because I’m a sucker for architectural pornography. I happen to love the people there. And all the different arrondissements remind me of all the different boroughs of LA or NYC. The daily music and fashion is worthy of inspiration.

My style is temperamental. Its changes on a whim. I love for fashion shows and designer bios. Given the opportunity I would wear Valentino morning, noon and night.

When you were 11, you walked on your tiptoes for nine months…everyone thought you’d be like that forever and they didn’t know why. But I did. You didn’t want to be noticed. You thought you were strange for some reason, so you walked around quiet as a mouse. But I knew what would do it. I made you a hardcore metal mix CD. Mum went mad when she saw how many songs I put on with swear words, but I knew it would do the trick.